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May 11 2021
Dr. Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi, SEO Chairman in a meeting with high-caliber economic officials in the Economic Commission of the Parliament stressed on supporting the capital market considering the well-known situation of this market among public. “Capital market is a channel for industry financing, job creation and investment” Dr. Dehghan said adding that we are going to create an "industry table" for all industries in the SEO and use their capacities to improve the situation. Meanwhile, we have a number of diverse plans to issue companies information to their stockholders so that they may decide accordingly and more precisely. We also corresponded with the Central Bank Governor about the exchange rate, which will be announced as soon as the final result is reached, SEO Chairman said. Following today’s meeting, He expressed hope to better organize the capital market; part of the proposals have been confirmed by the government and others are under consideration. Indirect investment was among the proposals in the meeting. Furthermore, facilitating the process of financing for investment and holding companies, through issuing debt securities and buying the shares via the received capital were discussed and confirmed as well. Additionally, Dr. Mohammad Reza Pour Ebrahimi, Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament announced the approval of the new capital market law in the near future and said: "We are now reforming the position of the stock exchange organization in the government structure". He added some USD 630 billion from the National Development Fund had to be deposited in the Capital Market Stabilization Fund, of which only USD 45 billion has been paid; the government is obliged to provide the remaining resources to the capital market.