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March 01 2020
The SEO announced that from February 23rd two-way transactions will be set up. Based on the announcement, the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) checked and tested systems related to accrual sale’s transactions; held multiple training sessions about this transactional mechanism for stockbrokers and active financial institutions, holding coordinating sessions with the capital market corroborative bodies, responsiveness to questions and ambiguities of participants and investors, provided the platform to run this mechanism. Furthermore, regarding the studies related to the process of choosing marketable ticker symbols for short selling in selected markets worldwide and considering circumstances and features of the Tehran Stock Exchange, the measures for selecting accrual sale’s transaction are as follows: -· Turnover in the last 3 months, - · Average daily transaction in the last 3 months, - · Percentage of permissible active days of the ticker symbol in the last year, -· Percentage of free floating shares, -· Current value of the company. According to the mentioned criteria and the value of each one, the qualified companies will be rated and then observing the variety of industries and the kind of active traders (natural and legal entities) and spending a one-year period from the date of the first transacting of the ticker symbol on the Exchange, the ticker symbol will be chosen. At the onset of this transactional mechanism, the number of the defined ticker symbols, which are able to execute accrual sale’s transactions, is circumscribed and after the requisite checks, this mechanism will be defined in other transactional ticker symbols.