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January 15 2020
The Chairman of the SEO in an interview said, “Iran capital market enjoys all globally-known Islamic financial instruments. Currently Ijarah, Murabaha, Vekalah, Istisna, Manfa’ah, and asset-backed (Dayn) Sukuks are being utilized in Iran capital market. These instruments, along with some others on the way, add more diversity and depth to the Iranian market. He also touched upon different ways of financing one of which is crowdfunding. “Crowdfunding” is a recent and modern financing method developed by the SEO, while “Project Fund” is another method that can act as a large-scale financing instrument to make projects operational. It can help us not to found a state-owned company. In another part of the interview, he advised the investors to form a diverse portfolio of stocks, follow valid stock analysis, disregard rumors, adopt a long-term investment strategy, enhance financial literacy, and capabilities so as to enjoy a high-yielding investment. Finally, regarding the importance of transparency of information in the capital market, Mohammadi pointed out that currently, 91% of information is disclosed in a timely manner, 8% delayed and only 1% not disclosed. These one percent violators will be prosecuted accordingly so that we reach the perfect state of disclosure and transparency.