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December 11 2019
The chairman of Iraqi Securities Commission and chairman of Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran signed a memorandum of understanding in Tehran, paving the way to boost bilateral cooperation in financial and exchange fields. Dr. Alla Abdulhossein AL-Saedi and his accompanying delegation of Iraqi securities commission are giving an official visit to Iran scheduled to meet with Iranian counterparts and explore mutual areas of interest to further collaborations in diverse areas of financial and capital market nature. The signed MOU is primarily focused on development of Islamic Financial instruments, enhancement of technical infrastructures and establishment of common investment funds through shared partnership of both Iranian and Iraqi sides. Dr.Shapour Mohammadi, the SEO’s chairman, expressed hope that the already signed MOU opens the door for deepening bilateral ties between two countries’ capital market supervisory bodies. Iran and Iraq enjoy tremendous areas of common interests, Mohammadi said, such as shared cultural and religious heritages and we are very eager to explore the possibility of developing Islamic financial instruments for the grater goods of two neighbor countries. Very soon, we will be enabled to enlist Iraqi companies in Iranian capital market and vice versa, thanks to the signed MOU and further works both side have to do in future, Mohammadi concluded.