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May 12 2019
The Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran celebrated engagement of Fintech companies in Iranian capital market and called it a new opportunity for working on a win-win basis for the market practitioners. He said: whenever new technologies are introduced into the capital market, new capacities are built for further development of the market and it leads to profitability of market players surge exponentially. It is quite encouraging to have financial startups and Fintech companies function in our capital market and I deem that as an opportunity for our economy to expand and thrive even more than before, he added. He continued: I have seen financial startups in Iran that have managed to multiply their capital 40 times bigger than what they initially started with and that clearly shows tremendous potential that startups could enjoy in the Iranian capital market. Our emphasis in the SEO is to encourage and support endeavors in regards to financial startups and fintech companies which are innovative and employ cutting edge technologies. That being said, we can make sure that experts and talented individuals can contribute to the growth of the economy and wealth accumulation takes place accordingly. In addition, they can catch up with the fast pace of innovations and breakthroughs in terms of financial emerging technologies, Mohammadi concluded.