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September 16 2018
The Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran became a member of the “Fintech Network” of International Organization of Securities Commission (IOSCO) for sharing technological information of financial system risk. The Network will facilitate the sharing of information, knowledge and experiences of Fintech from a regulatory perspective between IOSCO members, fostering deeper dialogue and collaboration. The wider Network will convene every two months over the phone to share experiences around Fintech. Network members will be able to contribute to specific projects agreed by the Steering Group as well as make suggestions for additional work streams. Ms. Moravvej, Chief Technology Officer of the SEO, represents the SEO in this network and in the last conference call she had a 10-minute speech on the latest trend of Fintech industry in Iran capital market. Furthermore, the aim of the Fintech Network is to collaborate with different strands and reach a general agreement on the best ways to approach the market without stifling innovation. IOSCO says the Network will act as a forum for regulators to share experiences and exchange information on regulatory issues, trends, and emerging risks.