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August 11 2018
On its way to boost and enhance financial literacy and also to expand financial inclusion, the SEO inaugurated the second edition of League of Stock Market Stars on July 7th, 2018. A two-month competition among six-member teams from different universities across the country, where higher portfolio value means a higher place in the competition, the League has attracted 30 teams from different universities that are granted initial credit worth 50 million Rials to build and grow their portfolios. It is believed that the event will elevate financial literacy and promote the capital market in society; particularly, among the grassroots. The League has attracted and involved students, professors, families and even officials from different cities to remind society of the crucial role of financial markets in the domestic economy. Moreover, the participants will learn how to grow small resources in a transparent environment while grappling practically with investments, regulations, mechanisms and strategies of financial markets in an authentic arena. Needless to mention, it was reported that last year 15 of the participants were recruited by financial institutions soon after the League. Apart from the unparalleled opportunity for the students, the event is a reminder for officials, market participants and financial institutions of their responsibilities to benefit from these young minds.