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December 04 2017
The SEO organized the conference “Iran Capital Market: Higher Diversity, Higher Return” in Kish on October 31, 2017. Around 400 high-caliber international and domestic lecturers, panelists and participants came together in the event, exchanging and sharing experiences and know-how with the cynosure on investment in Iran capital market. The conference was officially inaugurated by Dr. Shapour Mohammadi, SEO Chairman. The CEOs of the Tehran Stock Exchange, Iran Fara Bourse, and Iran Mercantile Exchange were among the Iranian speakers at the event. Moreover, the speeches of Ambassadors of the Republic of Korea, and Republic of Turkey flourished the conference more. Meanwhile, Ms. Deborah Fuhr, the CEO of ETFGI, Ms. Siobhan from the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), Mr. George Ugeux, Former NYSE Group Executive Vice President, along with SEBI and Deloitte Middle-East representatives were among the international speakers. The conference ended with two interactive panels covering the subjects why foreign investors should invest in Iran’s Capital Market and also the infrastructural requirements and developments for a better investment. In his speech, Dr. Mohammadi highlighted the SEO plans to absorb foreign investment. Signing Memoranda of Understanding and cooperation contracts with its foreign counterparts and exchanges, compiling instructions for establishment of financial institutions with foreign entities, internationalization of the market, and supporting commodity exchanges were among the main issues. In the end, the attendees of the conference paid a visit to the exhibition and had interactive discussions with different booth-holders including the main financial market entities.