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July 25 2017
Tehran Hosts First League of Stock Market Stars The first competition ever held in the country to enhance financial literacy in the realm of stock markets and trading shares among university students kicked off in Tehran’s Hafez Hall on Monday, July 24th. The event, dubbed League of Stock Market Stars, will be an opportunity for students from leading universities such as Tehran, Sharif, Allameh Tabatabai, Kharazmi, Khajeh Nasir, Al Zahra, Amir Kabir, Beheshti, Tarbiat Modarres and Azad to compete with one another in a practical way. The opening ceremony of the competition was attended by a number of officials, including Hossein Abdoh Tabrizi, a member of the Securities and Exchange Supreme Council, Hassan Ghalibaf Asl, CEO of the Tehran Stock Exchange, and Mehdi Mousavi Kouhpar, deputy head of the National Elite Foundation for business development and resources. The competitors were divided into 10 groups of five to compete under supervision of a certain brokerage firm on the TSE for four working weeks. Each group was set to be provided with 100 million rials (nearly $2,600) of credit for stock portfolio formation and equity trading. Yasser Fallah, head of public relations and international affairs at the Securities and Exchange Organization said in an address to the ceremony that the league is aimed at connecting students, professors and market players in a way that innovation occurs. For this year’s competition, only Tehran-based universities were allowed to introduce students to the event. It is planned to organize a similar “nationwide” competition in the near future so that the entire students enjoy such an informative and competitive event.