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May 20 2017
The SEO authorities who participated in the 42nd Annual Conference of the “International Organization of Securities Commission (IOSCO)” in Jamaica, continued by participation in technical and public panels and regulatory workshops. The main topics were: - How are financial technologies transforming capital markets? - What are regulatory responses to the rising Fintech phenomenon? - How can we make capital markets more structurally resilient and address any evolving systemic risks? - Are we striking the right balance between financial stability, investor protection and market efficiency? - What is the role of international standards in the marketplace? - How can capital markets regulators effectively address the issue of misconduct in markets? What more can we expect market participants to do to build trust in markets and increase their level of accountability? Seyed Ahmad Araghchi, Board Member and Deputy for Executive Affairs; Saeid Fallahpour, Board Member and Director of R&D and Islamic Studies Dept.; and Bahador Bijani, Vice Chairman for Foreign Investment from SEO, are the SEO representatives in the largest annual gathering of capital market regulatory bodies in the world. In addition to meeting with the IOSCO Secretary General, the SEO authorities met their counterparts from Germany, Greece, South Africa, South Korea, Quebec (Canada) and UK aiming to bolster bilateral ties and extending mutual collaboration.