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February 11 2017
Following the MoU signed between the SEO and BaFin in September 2016 and as one of the articles of the MoU covering “exchanging knowledge, experience, and know-how in the pertinent areas in the form of workshops, video-conferences and so on”, a delegation from Germany representing the German financial market paid a visit to Tehran to attend a 2-day workshop organized by the SEO on February 7 & 8, 2017. Accordingly, Dr. Johannes Engels, Senior Policy Officer in the BaFin, Dr. Martin Pontzen, Director of Technical Central Bank Cooperation in Bundesbank, and Mr. Jochen Robert Elsen, Expert in the BaFin’s International Policy, Financial Stability and Regulation, delivered presentations covering these main topics: - BaFin’s Supervisory Tasks; including a short flash of BaFin tasks and duties, and also international co-operation between Bundesbank and BaFin in the European and the worldwide supervisory level, - Market Transparency & Discipline, - Trade Surveillance and IT System - The Role of Deutsche Bundesbank in the Issuance of German Federal Securities Trade Surveillance and IT System; including German Federal Debt Management, Basic features of the auction procedure, Bund Issues Auction Group, and Bund Bidding System (BBS); and - Liquidity in Banks. Representatives from all the capital market entities participated in the workshop; sharing their experience, knowledge and analytical comparisons with their German counterpart. On the sideline of the workshop, officials of the two sides discussed the means of strengthening and expanding bilateral ties. Needless to say, the BaFin is the regulatory and supervisory authority of German financial market.