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August 11 2018
Enhancing the infrastructure of the Iranian Capital market has always been a top agenda for the SEO. Information and Financial technologies have been a great assistance to provide more electronic services to the investors. The SEO Chairman, Shapour Mohammadi, named a couple of developments during the current year that has advanced the markets. CODAL 360, a comprehensive platform encompassing all disclosure requirements by the Iranian issuers, was mentioned first. It provides investors with free and easy access to all the fundamental information of the listed companies and issuers. It has considerably increased transparency and velocity of issuers’ direct filings. The round-the-clock alert system sends notifications to top managers of each issuer as their timely reports are due or their companies have breached disclosure requirements e.g. missed a deadline. It has considerably lowered the number of violations, which inevitably led to freeze or suspension of the companies’ ticker symbols due to unintentional negligence. Companies in the process of capital raise will also be notified about the latest status of their submitted application and will be immediately informed about additional documents that may need to be filed in order to minimize the processing time. The Iran Fara Bourse and Tehran Stock Exchange also enjoyed a fresh update for their core trading systems. Due to a constantly increasing load of trading on the equity exchanges, it was decided to first separate the trade engine of the IFB from that of the TSE and then upgrade the cores with the help of international entities. It divided the load and increased the overall stability of the systems to prevent possible sudden crashes. Mohammadi concluded that a capital market empowered with top-notch technologies will be transparent and deter fraudulent activities.