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October 18 2021
The members of the Exchange High Council appointed Dr. Majid Eshghi as the new SEO Chairman. Deputy Chairman of the Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME), Board Member of “Lotus Parsian Investment Bank” and Board Member of “Noor Dena Development Investment Company” were among his previous commitments. In his first press conference, Dr. Eshghi highlighted the main strategies and plans. The seven strategies of the SEO in this new period will be: 1- Focusing on modern mechanisms in order to increase public awareness and supervision on the activities of issuers, 2- Modernizing supervisory tools in line with market development, 3- Amending laws and regulations in order to increase justice and responsiveness in the market, 4- Strengthening the small and medium size financing ecosystem through via modern instruments, 5- Facilitating and developing infrastructures to absorb and manage foreign investment in the capital market, 6- Re-engineering the mechanism of media and information dissemination in the market and strengthening its supervision, and; 7- Re-engineering the new generation of technical infrastructures aiming to enhance security, stability and ease of access. Dr. Eshghi further noted on three main programs as follow: - To focus on the main mission and vision of the SEO regarding capital market development, - To moving towards intelligent and inclusive supervision, - To raise culture and regulate information dissemination in the capital market. The new SEO Chairman welcomed any instructive comments, remarks and cooperation from all market players and participants.