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- Annual International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank and Insurance (FINEX)
International Exchange, Bank and Insurance fair (FINEX) is certainly the biggest event concentrating on finance industries in Iran. It is the most important event in this field in the region that brings together all the companies operating in the financial sector under the same roof. All the products and services of this sector are exhibited in this event. The visitors therefore get a chance to get acquainted with the latest financial tools and services and the exhibitors get a huge exposure to the presence of a large number of potential customers. This is a platform for building strong business network that will aid the business in the future.
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- Stars League Competition of Stock Exchange
League of Stars is a competition among university students, aiming to promote financial inclusion and financial literacy among university students and enabling them to work in the realm of capital market. The League of Stars has found its status in the capital market. While the first League started with just 10 universities from Tehran, the second League absorbed around 30 universities countrywide, and cumulatively the third League, 63 teams not only from Iran, but also
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- Press Festival
The festival is held to promote investment culture and to elevate financial literacy as well as to expand the cooperation with and appreciate efforts of press practitioners. The interested parties can upload their works on the festival’s website. The uploaded works are supposed to have been published in the past 12 months before the deadline in one of the local or international media outlets. The participants must fill in the electronic forms and then can upload up to five works under different competition categories including news, report, talk, headline, news photo, opinion as well as audiovisual contents.
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- Algorithmic Trading
Nowadays, algorithmic trading is amongst the most popular systems in top capital markets throughout the world and Iran is the first country to employ this cutting edge technology in entire Western Asia region. These systems are capable of conducting multiple code analyses at once and based on algorithm, which has been written in the system, take plausible decisions as to buy or sell stocks on their own with a higher rate of profitability compared to traditional human based trading mechanisms. Algorithmic trading systems can be seen as automatic wealth generating mechanisms which operate devoid of human errors and do not get affected by rumors in the market as the case is for traditional trading. Another great advantage of employing algorithmic system in stock trading is adding up clarity and transparency of the market, that is, price explorations as well as sound interaction between derivatives and assets are attained more easily which is quite helpful in safeguarding  the  market from getting influenced by impulsive deeds or manipulations from outsiders.
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- Students FinTech Competition (Finstars)
Finstars is a series of financial events that brings together fintech startups and fintech experts to meet Iran’s technological needs of the financial markets and share innovative ideas on fintech ecosystem and ultimately finance the best ones. Notably, the prize of Finstars will be an investment. Finstars links fintech startups and others who are interested in fintech ecosystem with accelerators, investors, venture capital funds, mentors and other experts to answer their questions, hear about their innovations and invest in the best ideas. Panels and workshops mainly focus on regulatory and executive challenges, experiences of the successful teams at previous events of Finstars, crowd funding platform and turning a good idea into a real startup.
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- Regular Workshops on Capital Market
The SEO holds several domestic and international workshops and forums annually. The Islamic Capital Market Forum (ICM) is the most famous international workshops hosted by the SEO, co-organized by the “Islamic Research Training Institute (IRTI) – the educational arm of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). This prestigious annual event gathers together practitioners and scholars all around the world, and prepare the platform for knowledge-sharing regarding the latest updates in the field of Islamic capital market. So far, around 500 international professionals took part from 46 countries in Iran.
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