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Education & Financial Literacy

Bourse Publications

Iran capital market publishes diverse relevant books for all ages from kindergarten grade to higher degree university levels. The SEO focuses on “bourse publications” as one of the most important education and financial literacy tools and so far has published hundreds of the books.

The complete list of the books is accessible on


Gamification and Animation

Developing games and animated clips target the emerging needs of the capital market in the recent world. The SEO has heavily invested in these interesting financial literacy tools. Since it is widely welcomed by the capital market participants, the SEO is now trying to develop these games into other languages such as English and Arabic.


Iran Virtual Exchange (IRVEX)

Iran Virtual Exchange (IRVEX) was launched by the “SEO Information Dissemination and Services Company (SIDSCO)” in 2010 with the purpose of educating individual investors about trading mechanism in the market. By registering on the website, the users do not need to bring real money into the market but rather start trading shares on a virtual exchange with virtual money. All indices, share prices and other information and regulations in the virtual market conforms to the real market, so that the users will be fully familiarized with the real market trading and investing. For additional information, please refer to


TV/Radio & other media promotions

Not only does the SEO pay special attention to enhancing financial literacy and education instruments, but also take into consideration the traditional and of course, widespread media such as TV, radio and other media promotions. Due to the historical role of such mass media in financial literacy purposes, the SEO never stops investing on these instruments. Moreover, the SEO has introduced FINEX TV, which is a dedicated audiovisual media covering financial markets news and events.