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Portfolio Managers


A portfolio manager is an individual who develops and implements investment strategies for individuals or institutional investors. Under the purview of financial services industry careers, portfolio management positions are available with hedge funds, pension plans and private investment firms, or as part of an investment department of an insurance or mutual fund company. Portfolio managers may be called investment managers, wealth managers, asset managers or financial advisors, but a true portfolio manager position is focused on the analytical side of investing rather than the sales aspect.

Currently there are 58 portfolio managers in the Iranian capital market, and their activity license is issued by the SEO. These companies are in the form of independent institutions, active just in managing portfolios. Based on the SEO regulations, investment banks and financial advisers may get their portfolio management license from the SEO should they have the necessary qualifications. Around 8 percent of the AUM in Iranian economy and 13 percent of the AUM in the capital market are in the hands of such companies.

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