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Investor Education

The SEO has always been determined since its establishment to protect investors and enhance the level of financial literacy of people by educating them in one way or another. The SEO believes that if potential investors are well educated about the fundamentals of a sound investment and capital market and well aware of the true nature and functions of different bodies in the capital market, the number of complaints and crimes will automatically decrease and investors will enjoy a sound investment bearing the prospective ramification of their investment. To this end, the SEO in 2004 set up an affiliated company named Information Dissemination and Services Company (SIDSCO) ( to pursue the areas germane to financial literacy, capabilities, investor education, and inclusive financing. One of the recent steps taken to make use of best practices across the globe has been the membership into International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE). The SEO tries to get people; particularly current and potential investors at different ages, acquainted with the basic principles of investment and capital market using diverse methods. The following list encompasses concise tasks on the agenda of SIDSCO so as to prepare a transparent and safe arena for investment:
1. Publishing books: there are plethora of books shedding light on the basics of investment, and introduction on financial instruments and institutions. The complete list of the books published in this realm is accessible on .
2. Making promotional clips and games: On a regular basis, the SEO, through SIDSCO, has some promotional clips, advertisement, and games created based on the emerging needs of the capital market participants aiming at educating current investors and investors-to-be. The SEO has made sure these clips, advertisement, and games are extensively seen, broadcast, and played through different platforms.
3. Conducting financial-related competitions for different ages: there are different forms of competition held and organized for different ages by SIDSCO, the most important of which is Stars League of Stock Market ( The Stars League of Stock Market is a two-month competition among six-member teams from different universities across the country, where higher portfolio value means a higher place in the competition, the League usually attracts 30 teams from different universities granted initial credit to build and grow their portfolios. It is believed that the event can elevate financial literacy and promote the capital market in society.
4. Organizing and holding domestic and international events: SIDSCO organizes and holds different domestic and international exhibitions, fairs, seminars and gatherings for the public. One of the outstanding events the SEO, through SIDSCO, holds annually is International Exhibition of Bank, Exchange and Insurance (FINEX). FINEX brings together all the companies operating in the financial sector under the same roof. All the products and services of this sector are exhibited in FINEX. The newly developed products and services of this sector are featured in this event. The visitors therefore get a chance to get acquainted with the latest financial tools and services and the exhibitors get a huge exposure in front of a large number of potential customers. This is a platform for building strong business network that will aid the business in the future.
5. Close cooperation with other relevant entities: the SEO has been working jointly with the Ministry of Education to include financial subjects in school curricula so that students get more familiar with the topics of investment.