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Information Dissemination and Services Company

Information Dissemination and Services Company as a privately-held company owned by the SEO was established in 2004 to fulfill the task of capital market news broadcasting and providing educational programs for market participants. Today the most important functions of SIDS are as follows:

·         Implement mechanism to best broadcast market-related news;

·         Execute educational programs to familiarize the society with the capital market;

·         Publish educational materials in terms of books and multimedia;

·         Hold examination for professional licenses of the capital market; and

·         Set up capital market exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

 The news website of Securities and Exchange News Agency was set up by SIDS as the official source of capital market news. The breaking news of all financial and economic sectors is constantly covered by SENA.

SIDS also established an educational website called Iran Virtual Exchange at to give potential investors the opportunity to get acquainted with the capital market by learning how to invest in a completely risk-free environment with virtual money.