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Iran Mercantile Exchange

Established on 20 September 2007 from the merger of the Tehran Metal Exchange and the Iran Agricultur­al Commodity Exchange, IME trades in agricultural, metal and mineral, oil and petrochemical products in the spot market and gold coin in the derivatives and Commodity Depository Receipts markets. The Exchange handles over 26 million tons of commodities on an annual basis worth in excess of 14 billion USD. IME caters to both the domestic and regional markets, bringing together a host of trade participants and market makers from the capital market community, trade and industrial sectors, hedgers, retail and institutional investors.


Trading Floor





Kish Island


All listed commodities


Oil By-Products & Petrochemicals



Spot, Derivatives, Peripheral



1) Physical Market: The spot trading platform of the exchange which host various standard base commodities traded as the feedstock of the downstream industries. Commodities are traded on the main market of IME in the form of cash, credit and SALAM contracts. Types of products are traded in the agricultural sector, metal and mineral sector, and oil and petrochemicals products.

Side market: Runs the market for unconventional products and non-exchange or off-grade products in the form of auctions in the spot market trading platform

Export Pit: The export pit of the IME was launched in 2007. Commodities that are offered on the export ring are solely for the purpose of exporting to the outside the borders of Iran and it is not possible to use and transfer it within the country. The transactions in the export ring are similar to the domestic ring and the export trading floor is located in Kish Island.

2) Derivatives market: Comprises of futures and options trading. IME provides futures and option contracts on saffron, cumin seed and pistachios.

Financial market: The financial market is based on financial instruments such as standard parallel SALAM, Commodity Depository Receipts , and ETCs. The purpose of these tools in this market is to finance producers. Through various instruments, it has been tried to encourage other investors, in addition to the commodity sector activists, to participate in funding the producers.


IME facilitates the trading of commodities and products through its markets.

IME’s Listed Commodities on Different Trading Floors


 IME Markets    


Main Group



Spot Market

Industrial & Mineral

Steel, Copper, Iron Ore, Aluminum, Zinc and rare metals concentrate, gold bar

Agricultural Products

Barley, Wheat, Maize, Sugar, Crude Vegetable Oil, Frozen Chicken, and Meals, Saffron, Cumin seeds, Pistachios

Petrochemical Products

Polymers, PP, PE, LDPE, aromatics, SBR feed stocks, MS, PS

Oil Products

Lube Cut, Insulation, Base Oil, Bitumen, Vacuum Bottom

Side Market

Various Products with Non-Continuous Offering: Steel, Scraps, Polymers, Zinc, Chemicals, Minerals, Feeds, Copper, Sulfate, Lime

Derivatives Market

Futures Contracts

Cumin seed, Saffron, pistachios

Options Contracts

Gold Coins

Financial Market


Certificates of Deposit

Gold Coins, Maize, Barley, Pistachios, Saffron

Investment Funds

Gold Coins