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Department of Research, Development & Islamic Studies

This department is also under direct supervision of the SEO’s Chairman and its duties are as follows:

  • Carry out fundamental and pragmatic researches in the capital market;
  • Ensure compliance of securities market microstructure with Sharia laws;
  • Design and suggest sharia compliant financial instruments to authorities;
  • Contribute to enhancement of investing and shareholding culture in the markets;
  • Provide reliable data and high quality information market researchers and analysts; and
  • Improve drafting and amending markets’ rules and regulations.
Latest researches, studies, regulations and jurisprudence approvals by scholars and committees of this department can be found on an informative website, This department also has two pivotal committees whose roles are described below.


Mrs. Maryam Saffarian
Director, Dept. of Research, Development and Islamic Studies
Tel : +98 21 886 795 22