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Message From the Chair

Iranian capital market with a history of over 50 years is one of the oldest markets in the world and the oldest in the region. The Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO) is the sole regulatory and supervisory authority to the capital market in Iran and I, as the Chairman, would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation of the valuable endeavors made by both national and international peers to bring our market to this level, at which we are now standing as an ordinary member of IOSCO, IFSB and IFIE, worldwide, and as the biggest channel through which different sectors of our national economy are being financed, nationwide.

The SEO has been, ever since it was established, trying to create a safe, secure, fair, and transparent market for the entire participants and investors. Our market is enjoying diversity, integrity, depth, and width, among other attributes, to stand as one of the high-yielding markets in the world. Also, Iran is blessed with high diversity of natural resources, while allocating them to the producers efficiently. Thanks to all these inimitable features, our capital market, industries, and businesses will flourish even more and more.

The SEO is fully ready to initiate close ties with its international counterparts and relatable associations and also galvanize and cement its already initiated cooperative ties at international level. We are pleased to invite you all to pay a visit to beautiful Iran, with a long history of culture and civilization, and also get more acquainted with our untapped market for potential joint work with us or enjoy an attractive investment.

Best wishes
Dr. Majid Eshghi