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Justice Shares

In line with Article 44 of the Constitutional Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran which is riveted upon the privatization of the national economy, the shares of several state-owned companies, around 49 companies, have been given to some classes of society. These shares have been dubbed Justice Shares and are already held by 59 million people in Iran.

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Justice Shares to Offer Soon

recently it has been decided by the top officials as a macro-policy for the SEO to pave and smooth the way for trading these shares in the market by considering the entire regulatory, legal, and technical infrastructures. Based on this decision, once these shares commence being traded, shareholders will be able to trade them like other traders in the market

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Capital Market in Boom

The Chairman of the SEO in a recent interview said that investors, especially newcomers who lack enough investment knowledge and financial literacy, should enter the market through advisory companies, as well as portfolio management companies, and above all consider the great potential of mutual funds.

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