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Restorative Justice Principles in Iran Capital Market

Restorative Justice Principles in Iran Capital Market

Restorative justice center, as a department for protecting investors and preparing a secure environment in the capital market, has recently been established in the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran.

Regarding the Exchange High Council’s meeting in November, 2020, the below enactment over (concerning) “restorative justice” has been approved:

The legal affairs deputy of SEO is responsible for executing restorative justice principles and cooperating with other responsible entities to

1.      Uphold the rights of investors, capital market practitioners, and other entities in the SEO’s jurisdiction;  


2.      Prepare a secure investment environment;


3.      Protect entities against any violation of law;


4.      Protect investors’ rights by encouraging entities to be voluntarily accountable and compensate for any adverse results arising from their faults, and finally revive their reputation in society;


5.      Interact with the judiciary, executive and supervisory bodies in order to implement the principles of restorative justice, as well as managing the required and appropriate compensation;


6.      Propose punitive alternatives;


7.      Supervise cyber space activities;


8.      Enhance the level of financial literacy, transparency, and efficiency in the capital market.