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SEO New Chairman Appointed


In the last meeting of the Securities and Exchange High Council, Dr. Hasan Ghalibaf Asl was appointed as the new Chairman of the SEO.

Having served as the CEO of the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) for around 10 years and also as a top manager of different financial institutions, Dr. Ghalibaf holds PhD in finance and is a faculty member of a well-known university in Tehran.

The capital market in Iran is familiar with the good performance of Dr. Ghalibaf and his appointment welcomes a new promising future for the entire participants in the market. One of the outstanding and noticeable features of his professional background is the significance he has attached to international activities. To name but a few, he was one of the most active members of FEAS and a member of the board of this association for several terms. During his presence in the TSE, he signed quite many MoUs with their international counterparts and created a fruitful linkage between the TSE and international markets.