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FINEX 2017: A Showcase of Capital Market

Tehran will host the 10th International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank and Insurance, FINEX 2017, on April 15-18.
“The event dubbed Iran FINEX has already become a global brand,” Ahmad Araghchi, executive vice chairman of the Securities and Exchange Organization, said earlier this week.
FINEX 2017, largest financial even in the country, is believed to be a showcase of the Iranian capital market.
The exhibition will showcase achievements and potentials of the Iranian financial sector in the post-sanctions era, he said, adding that it will also provide a friendly environment for sharing and learning from one another, as hundreds of experts, executives and investors will gather together in the event.  
Brokerage firms, investment banks, consulting firms, credit institutes, commercial banks, insurance companies and listed companies in the stock market will all be represented at the exhibition.
More than 160 entities have so far enrolled, according to Araghchi.
Among other objectives, the event is aimed at making a connection between Iranian tech companies and SMEs on one hand and global and domestic financiers on the other.
Given the importance of tech activities in the modern world, financial officials are trying to come up with ideas on how to improve tech firms’ financial well-being.
To give the event a cultural dimension too, organizers are also set to hold a fair on the sidelines of the main exhibition, showcasing the best cartoons created with a stock market theme.