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10th Exchange, Bank & Insurance (FINEX): Tehran, April 15-18, 2017

10th Exchange, Bank & Insurance (FINEX) will be organized and held by the SEO in Tehran, April 15-18, 2017

10th Exchange, Bank & Insurance (FINEX) will be organized and held by the SEO in Tehran, April 15-18, 2017.
This exhibition has been the prime event annually organized by the regulatory and supervisory authority to the Iranian capital market, the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO), and will be attended by local and international companies working in the realm of financial markets. The event makes it possible to have face-to-face discussions with top managers of all Iranian banks, insurance companies, and Iran’s capital market who convene in a unique professional gathering, an opportunity for its audiences to witness, study, discuss and make strategic decisions on their future interaction with Iran’s investment market.
For a potential international investor to select a market for investment, basic requirements of a proper market include banking system, effective insurance coverage and a lively capital market. Valid and updated information and data are easily available for the markets where international investors have been traditionally active for several years. But when decisions are to be made on entering a market from which you have been absent for a meaningful number of years, a deeper look at the current situation of the infrastructures of trade and investment is not something to be neglected. The 10th Exhibition and Conference on Exchange, Bank & Insurance (FINEX 2017) is the most authentic event planned by  FINEX to make it possible for exchanges, banks, insurance companies, investment funds and all potential international investors to get access to first hand, accurate and up-to-date information on Iran’s investment market. The event enjoys exceptional importance due to the recent openings in regard to the country’s return to the global market after several years. Outstanding entities well-known for their activities in financial markets, both domestic and international, will attend FINEX this year.  For those seriously considering to be in this market in its new era of flourishing, FINEX is not an opportunity to miss!
FINEX Participants
- Managers and experts of banks,
- Managers and experts of insurance companies,
- Managers and experts of investment funds,
- Managers and experts of capital markets,
- Brokers of equity and commodity exchange markets
- Practitioners and investors of Iran’s Capital Market
How to register Stand reservation on the 10th International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank & Insurance will be done electronically, so all participants may specify their selected stand via the official website of the fair on:
You may find a quick registration guideline on this website where all information regarding online registration is depicted. All related information, rules and regulation of the 10th FINEX are also available on this website.