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The 2-day 13th Virtual International Forum on Islamic Capital Market officially closed on 18 October 2021

The 2-day 13th Virtual International Forum on Islamic Capital Market officially closed on 18 October 2021.  The event officially inaugurated by the speech of Dr. Majid Eshghi, the newly appointed CEO of the SEO, and closed by the speech of Dr. Bahador Bijani, SEO Vice Chairman.


The 13th ICM was magnificently welcomed by the participants across the world. More than 90 high-caliber lecturers and participants joined the event from 28 countries, which marked a new record in the history of the ICM. Moreover, 10 internationally well-known lecturers / presenters along with three Iranian ones flaunted the event.


The theme of this year was “Global All-pervasiveness of Global Finance in Crises”, while the presented topics included:

·         Potential of FinTech in Islamic Finance Industry and Digital Economy,

·         Performance of Socially Responsible Investments vs. Shari’ah Compliant Investments amid Covid-19: Lessons to Learn,

·         Islamic Finance and Market Anomaly: Case of Iran Capital Market,

·         Overview on the Recent Developments of German Financial Supervision,

·         Socially Responsible Investment during Covid-19 Crisis,

·         Sukuk Innovation – How Far Have We Gone,

·         RegTech in Capital Markets: Aspects and Opportunities,

·         Islamic Finance and SRI: Waqf Fund,

·         Sukuk and Sustainable Development: The Impact of Sukuk on CO2 Emission,

·         Islamic Capital Markets and Sukuk Industry Roles in Macro Financial Environment,

·         Problems and Challenges of Islamic Capital Market: Bangladesh Perspective,

·         Shaping the Post-Pandemic Sukuk Market via Blockchain Sukuk; and

·         Islamic vs. Conventional ETFs and Digital Currencies: Evidence from Portfolio Diversification

Given the outbreak of Corona virus and for the safety measures of all respected participants, the SEO has decided to hold this Forum online for the second time. SEO welcomes all erudite and knowledgeable scholars from the globe to join this prestigious annual event.


It is hoped to hold the next event physically.